• Aluminum Alloy
  • Width: 2.7"
  • Height 0.5"
  • Length: 5.06"
  • Weight: 1.08 oz. 30.6 g
  • Fasteners: Bright Polished     Stainless

  • Color: Black Onyx Classic


    MeeMojo's Legend series is the newest addition to our Billet Aluminum line of cases. the Legend series is engineered to exceed all your expectations of what a high quality iPhone case should be!

    Engineered for Protection
    MeeMojo's Legend series case is manufactured from two individual billet aluminum blocks, joined together with 8 brightly polished stainless steel fasteners. Each case is CNC milled using 3D machining techniques similar to complex aerospace components. The cases are available in four distinct finishes.

    "Billet Alloy" is the brightest and most reflective surface available. Clients that prefer the look of uncoated aluminum will certainly appreciate Billet Alloy!

    "Bright Natural" offers the addition of a natural anodized coating that softens the reflective nature of the aluminum.

    "Black Onyx" has a rich black anodized coating that is both durable and glossy in appearance.

    "Jet Black" is for the hot rodder at heart! Flat black is the hottest look everywhere.

    Precision Machined Polymer Isolators
    MeeMojo proprietary innovation is our polymer isolators. They are specifically designed to suspend the iPhone within the aluminum shell. Each case comes with precisely machined polymer isolators ensuring complete contact all around the iPhone's stainless steel edge. Our achievement means no part of your iPhone comes in contact with the aluminum shell. Combining Aluminum and a Polymer edge, ensures that the MeeMojo case is the strongest and longest lasting protection available for your iPhone

    Unimpeded Antennae Reception
    While providing unsurpassed impact resistance, the polymer isolators ensure the highest degree of unimpeded antennae reception available on any aluminum case.

    Ergonomic Thinking
    An ergonomically sculpted top plate means that you don't have to look for the home button, your thumb will naturally settle on to the machined oval pocket. All buttons including the headphone jack remain clear and unobstructed. Designed to also be accepted in most high quality car holders and docks means your iPhone will always be secure.

    MeeMojo is "Style" and "Protection" with "Attitude". We've worked very hard to create the best armor for your iPhone and hope that you will let us know how well we did after you try it out for yourself

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