"When I purchased my new iPad I was worried about dropping and destroying it. After installing the Onyx Black MeeMojo Case I now use it on scissor lifts to do IP Camera installs. The case makes it easy to do one handed iPad holding while adjusting the Cameras. What a life saver. I love my MeeMojo case."

"My daughter dropped the iPad on the hardwood floor on the first day making me look for a solution. I came across the MeeMojo case that looked like it was designed for warfare. I thought this should be tough enough for my kids and it is even tougher that it looks. I was amazed how light it is for how tough it is. Wow what an amazing design that only takes seconds to install and converts my iPad into the Terminator of iPads!!"
Greg Port Credit Ontario

"Every morning I read the news and my e-mails on my iPad while having breakfast. With my new MeeMojo case I just pull out the little foot and stand it on the table. Many times I find my kids using it too as it is just standing there for easier access. It is a great enhancement to an already great tool and it looks great too.. Thanks MeeMojo."
Maria Mississauga Ontario

"I received my iPad case and I must say WOW! I can't believe the detail and fit of the components, it looks like something made for the military. My kids carry it around now and I'm not at all worried about them dropping it."
Dexter Tampa Florida

"Purchased the iPad and iPhone case combo and am very happy with both, the kickstand is just great, I use it all the time"
Mark Vancouver British Columbia

"Great customer service! thanks for shipping out my case so quickly, my husband loves it!"
Nancy Dallas Texas

"Your cases are simply extraordinary, I purchased 2 more for my wife and brother who kept bugging me about not getting them one when I first saw them"
Arnold Los Angles California

"I was at a club and a girl saw my iPhone case and started to ask me about it ... ..., We are now dating! That's good MOJO! Thanks all"
Toronto Canada

"Just wanted to say that the iPhone cover I got from you is the cat's pyjamas! Everyone who sees it wants one, so I pass on your details to them"
Dave Scotland UK

"Received my case yesterday. Mahalo for the speedy and friendly customer service. The case is way cool"
Ken N Honolulu Hawaii

"I love the style of the case. It's the highest visual impact of any accessory I have ever seen for any type of phone, and still offers incredible protection!
How do I do a testimonial"

Warren Prud'homme Saskatchewan

"Just got home from Tanzania, my iPad case was waiting, totally amazing, fitted, quality products, you can't beat them, looks groovy, military, understated coolness, very happy"
Dave Scotland UK

"I am thoroughly impressed by the MeeMojo case that I just purchased. It's a quality engineered product and my IPhone fits perfectly into the case with absolutely no wiggle whatsoever. Every time I pull the phone out at a meeting people are asking about the case which looks so unique compared to anything else on the market today."
Steve Toronto Ontario, Canada

"I think your cases are the hottest looking iPhone case I have ever seen or owned!, I now want an iPad just to get an iPad case"
Jim Las Vegas Nevada

"Would like to take some time and thank you for a great product people always ask me about it and how great it looks , But it works better than it looks I am in the industrial mfg. and it takes a good hit so often and nothing has gone wrong ...have had it about a year or so and my I pad is my life line now ... Best money I ever spent on the cover and the I pad"
George Ontario Canada

"Not 5 days after getting my MeeMojo case, was I getting out of my car with my IPhone in hand and to my horror it slipped out and landed on its corner. Now having owned many electronics in my life, a corner strike on a laptop or phone is almost guaranteed damage but the phone worked perfectly and was not damaged in the slightest. A quality product and worth every penny. "
Steve Toronto Ontario, Canada

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