MeeMojo Heavy Stainless Steel iPhone 5 dock

The MeeMojo Heavy Dock for the iPhone 5 is a breath-taking product in functionality, style, & technology. The aluminum dock is a carved billet, just like their cases, and comes with two options, with or without a lightning bolt cable attached. It comes in three colors and fits with or without a Mee Mojo case (W/included cradle), keeping your iPhone 5 at a 10 degree viewing angle.

The exclusive SSCT (Speaker-less Sound Channeling Technology) is built into the device. The technology coming straight from MeeMojo is the simplicity of the hollowed-out base to improve the iPhone 5 speakers by using ambient acoustics to create a louder all-around sound without needing or using an amplified speaker. The sound is strong and bold giving a little more treble than a muddy speaker from a phone. This basically boasts and enhances the speaker on your iPhone 5 from two properly laser cut openings on the front of the dock.

The iPhone 5 Edge and Legend work and fit flawlessly into the MeeMojo dock. Another unique feature on this dock is the weight, a strong 2.25 lbs of chromium ALLOY. So when it's on your desk or night stand, this MeeMojo dock is not moving. From the look & design to the way your iPhone (with or without a MeeMojo case) fits securely, the MeeMojo Heavy SS Dock is impressive. The Mee Mojo logo and grips are on the back of the dock, keeping your hand comfortable & sturdy and making it easy to use without taking the iPhone out of the dock

The Heavy SS is a very strong, solid, & unique piece of tech and works on all angles. I have used the Heavy SS dock for 2 months now on a daily basis and enjoy using the functions of charging my phone and naturally enhancing my iPhone 5 's sound. The weight of the dock helps keeping it in place and doesn't feel like a cheap piece of plastic. When typing or checking a message, the dock cradles to your hands and keeps your phone charging. This prevents from removing the iPhone 5 while charging and keeps the party going.

By: "BigBoss" Stephen Cosentino

Mee MoJo Heavy SS iPhone 5 Dock
w/Lightning Bolt USB Cable
Price: $164.70

MeeMojo Legend Aluminum Billet Case

Design and protection are the first two things I immediately saw when installing my iPhone 5 for the first time into the Legend aluminum Billet case.

Last Week (origin: Ontario, Canada) sent me their new Legend case to review, and I have to say I am very pleased with the product on every angle. With today's market having a lot of aluminum-style cases out there, I saw MeeMojo cater carefully to their design and how they approached the style of the billet case surrounding the iPhone 5

From installation to comfort, their products are very well thought out and properly designed to function with the technology of the iPhone 5. I have tested other aluminum billet cases from other countries before and immediately the question lies about signal loss, connection, etc. Before we get in depth about the case, let me be clear.

It was tested on a brand new iPhone 5. Running current iOS firmware. Carrier: AT&T ISP: Time Warner Cable

I have not lost any signal with the case and, in certain areas, I would even say my service worked better at times just going by the numbers. I saw minimal interference, which was barely noticeable. The case did not lose connection randomly. The signal reception on the phone fluctuated at times in areas (4G LTE, WIFI, AirPlay) where I normally would have the same situation with no case at all. My opinion on the MeeMojo case handling signal reception is one of the best I have seen. This is all because of how well MeeMojo has designed the Legend Case.

Lets talk installation: 4 polymer isolators and 8 allen key head screws.

Approximate time: less than 2 minutes

Most aluminum style billet cases or high protective cases have a thorough process for your case to be attached to your phone. The Legend Case by MeeMojo definitely strikes a different kind of note on preparation for installation. What I mean here is lots of aluminum style cases will make you install rubber grips or isolators to protect the phone from abrasion against the metal, aluminum, titanium, etc. The usual problems are either that it is not well made or pieces easily fall out or simply break after a "wear and tear" duration of use.

MeeMojo created 4 plastic polymer isolators that actually clip onto the edge of the iPhone's small edge on all four corners As you can see, the carefully cut design on the side is allowing the bottom isolators and signal receptors to be open for an uninterrupted positive signal connection. The aluminum doesn't actually touch the phone so the signal reception is not compromised. The 8 screws are quick and easy to install by fastening 4 on the front and 4 on the back.

One thing I would like to say about this is that it's properly setup for using screws on a phone case and ensuring & securing your phone carefully into the case to make sure it stays there. A lot of other companies in this area use oval or round style screws or have washers instead of using flush double sided screws. Embedding the screws the way MeeMojo does on their Legend case by tightening through the aluminum frame front and back locking into the top isolators, as well as removing the problem of when dropping or holding, there is no abrasion against the screws at anytime.

In my opinion, the iPhone 5 is extremely narrow and not very wide. It's compact and light but a hard phone to get a grip onto it.

iPhone 5 without Legend: 112 grams
iPhone 5 W/Legend:146 grams
The MeeMojo Legend Aluminum Billet case only adds the right amount of attitude and style giving the ability to hold the phone at any angle and slide into any pocket. The wide grip style on the base of the MeeMojo Legend makes it easier to hold and use the iPhone 5. This especially helps when holding the phone one-handed. The phone will stand on any angle for viewing movies.

The MeeMojo Legend case has four nicely placed grips on the bottom front and on the back with a slick Mee Mojo stamp. This makes taking your iPhone out of your pocket a breeze while getting a solid grip on the phone at all times.

The back of the Legend has a unique look and style. Keeping certain areas of the phone exposed mixes the grip of the case and the iPhone together. Ultimately, the Legend gives a strong grip with good protection without sacrificing the style and look of the iPhone 5.

In the week of using the Legend Case, I have to say it is a phenomenal case. I think it's well designed, strong and very stylish. The quality of the case is high-grade aluminum with extreme attention to detail. I will say it is one of my favorite iPhone cases, especially in the aluminum billet field, that I have held. The style of the case along with built of the iPhone 5 gives a very unique look and feel. shows strength and pride in their products. They show that they care through the production, design, and quality of their cases and products. The customer service department for MeeMojo is full of fantastic, responsive, and down-to-earth people.

The Legend iPhone5 Billet Case is available at and retails at $109.99, a small price to pay for protection, style and attitude.

By:BigBoss SC
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