MeeMojo Edge iPhone 5 Aluminum Billet case

The EDGE is a rugged, strong & stylish case. It looks like it's straight out of the future or an anime series. The Edge is built for a more rugged user and has one of the best thumb and index finger placement I have used on any case before. The polymer isolators on the corners of the case are slanted on all 4 points of the case, as well as where the volume buttons are below and above.

This gives it ease with very accessible and comfortable handling. Grip placements on front and back (mix with the stylish MeeMojo logo on the back) make things easier when using one hand or taking your phone our of your pocket. The EDGE is a great choice for any user with a larger set of hands or someone looking for a more rugged overall type of case.

The volume buttons and silent switch are given a very proper opening and groove so your fingers can easily access each individual function. The oval pocket for the home button is a great feature giving you an easier push and placement for your thumb when pushing the home button.

The service once again is never compromised (as I refer you to my first MeeMojo review regarding service MeeMojo Legend Review) because of the way the polymer isolators touch the sides of the phone, never actually touching or blocking the antennas receptors. The Edge is designed properly giving complete functionality of your iPhone 5.

"It was tested on a brand new iPhone 5. Running current iOS firmware. Carrier: AT&T ISP: Time Warner Cable

I have not lost any signal with the case and, in certain areas, I would even say my service worked better at times just going by the numbers. I saw minimal interference, which was barely noticeable. The case did not lose connection randomly. The signal reception on the phone fluctuated at times in areas (4G LTE, WIFI, AirPlay) where I normally would have the same situation with no case at all. My opinion on the MeeMojo case handling signal reception is one of the best I have seen" MeeMojo Legend Review

The case is broken down into front, back and 6 polymer isolators. The EDGE is covered in screws all along the sides, front and back, to properly lock in the polymer isolators and the front and back of the billet.

The one thing when first looking at the case is the amount of screws, and before I discuss installation, understand only 8 screws need to be self-installed on this case not all 36 screws. The bottom, front and back, 4 on each side must be fully installed. The other screws are pre-installed and are lightly fastened at the end of installation to snug the fit of your iPhone 5 just right.

Installation on this case is very simple and easy In my opinion, one of the most unique features is installing the iPhone 5 by sliding it carefully through the bottom of the case.Don't worry about it falling out on the other side because the case is pre-installed at the top and sides. After the phone is slid through the bottom,clip the 2 polymer isolators so they line up properly with the billet.

Push down until you feel the polymer clip on the edge of the iPhone 5 snap on.Now place 4 screws in the front and 4 in the back and lightly tighten the remaining screws on the front and back.

Done! Now you are ready to MeeMojo your life with your new EDGE iPhone 5 aluminum billet case.

Overall, this is a great case inside & out and has all the proper trimmings to take on life's RUGGED path. The hand placement and installation alone are two amazing features. This case feels and performs flawlessly on all levels, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new case.


Stephen Cosentino
MeeMojo iPhone 5 Edge case
Retail price: $109.99
MeeMojo Heavy Stainless Steel iPhone 5 dock

Design and protection are the first two things I immediately saw when installing my iPhone 5 for the first time into the Legend aluminum Billet case.

The MeeMojo Heavy Dock for the iPhone 5 is a breath-taking product in functionality, style, & technology. The aluminum dock is a carved billet, just like their cases, and comes with two options, with or without a lightning bolt cable attached. It comes in three colors and fits with or without a Mee Mojo case (W/included cradle), keeping your iPhone 5 at a 10 degree viewing angle.

The exclusive SSCT (Speaker-less Sound Channeling Technology) is built into the device. The technology coming straight from MeeMojo is the simplicity of the hollowed-out base to improve the iPhone 5 speakers by using ambient acoustics to create a louder all-around sound without needing or using an amplified speaker. The sound is strong and bold giving a little more treble than a muddy speaker from a phone. This basically boasts and enhances the speaker on your iPhone 5 from two properly laser cut openings on the front of the dock.

The iPhone 5 Edge and Legend work and fit flawlessly into the MeeMojo dock. Another unique feature on this dock is the weight, a strong 2.25 lbs of chromium ALLOY. So when it's on your desk or night stand, this MeeMojo dock is not moving. From the look & design to the way your iPhone (with or without a MeeMojo case) fits securely, the MeeMojo Heavy SS Dock is impressive. The Mee Mojo logo and grips are on the back of the dock, keeping your hand comfortable & sturdy and making it easy to use without taking the iPhone out of the dock.

The Heavy SS is a very strong, solid, & unique piece of tech and works on all angles. I have used the Heavy SS dock for 2 months now on a daily basis and enjoy using the functions of charging my phone and naturally enhancing my iPhone 5 's sound. The weight of the dock helps keeping it in place and doesn't feel like a cheap piece of plastic. When typing or checking a message, the dock cradles to your hands and keeps your phone charging. This prevents from removing the iPhone 5 while charging and keeps the party going.

By:BigBoss SC

Mee MoJo Heavy SS iPhone 5 Dock
w/Lightning Bolt USB Cable
Price: $164.70
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